Eiro-group Review – Can You Trust It Without Surprises?

Has it ever happened to you that you signed up with a company for trading and then found many surprises – call them unpleasant surprises? Well, that has happened to me when I was searching for the right company to trade with. Usually, they are pretty great with their features, but where things fall apart is when they ask you for many different types of service charges and fees.

In addition to that, you discover many hidden charges as well. That’s something I never experienced when I signed up with Eiro-group. This is the company that was pretty clear about everything right from the time I signed up with it.

I have always trusted this firm and have never received any unpleasant surprises. Here are some of the reasons why.

A Web-based Trading Platform

The first thing where you can have a lot of surprises is the trading platform you are on. Trust me when I say that your trading platform can either make or break your trading experience. When you sign up with a broker, you stay on the trading platform for as long as you are trading. In other words, all the time you spend trading is spent on the trading software.

The biggest surprise came to me when I first traded on my desktop computer. One day, I found out that Tesla’s stock was going to rise in value but I was not going to come home for a few days because I was on a business trip. I downloaded the mobile app from my broker and used it for trading.

The surprise was that there were no settings and configurations saved that I had saved on my desktop computer at home. That’s a bummer. I lost an opportunity because the trading platform had to be downloaded separately on my phone. In the case of Eiro-group, you have the trading platform in the form of a website. This means you can use it anywhere you want and on device of your choice without losing your settings. You don’t have to download it in the first place.

Security of Funds and Money

So, the next big surprise that you can get from an online trading services provider is that your money and information are not safe. How can that happen? Well, when you provide your details while signing up with the company, it is the company that has to take responsibility of protecting all the information that you have provided.

If that does not happen, you are going to end up losing your information. Someone will steal it and use your identity to do all sorts of stuff. Another surprise that you can get is finding out that your money is in the same account as the broker’s.

That’s a huge mistake. You don’t have to end up in this situation when you sign up with Eiro-group. With this company, your money is kept in segregated accounts, dedicated only to you. Secondly, there is proper encryption on the website to ensure that your information is safe too.

24/5 Customer Support

There are certain things that are not the fault of your broker. When you use a technology-based tool, such as your trading platform, issues are bound to occur. They happen at a time when you least expect them.

Your trading platform might slow down. You might see a glitch that causes the prices to appear differently than the real prices of the assets in the market. In those cases, the actual surprise or shock is when you don’t have anyone to help you. Is that even possible? Well, with some companies, yes. With Eiro-group, you will not run into that situation because its customer support is there to help you through phone and email 24/5.

Final Thoughts

In my experience with this company, I have never received any surprises that I did not like. The broker is very transparent with the way it operates and conducts its business. For that reason, I have not issues in recommending it to other traders like me.

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