What Are The Differences Between TX And RX Cables?

Cable and fiber are the most desirable, widely available but still awaited in some areas because of their high-speed internet. The lighting speed these two types of internet deliver and promise are incomparable to other former types of the internet we have had which include dial-up, DSL (Digital Subscriber Line), satellite, etc.

Though, with the technological advancements and integration, the satellite was always accessible to all the internet users as long as they had a satellite installed on their roof. However, at present, you would see a lot of and soon nearly all satellite services offering the same speed of internet which is not too far from cable and fiber. Well, thanks to digital satellite systems.

Not to overlook the fact that the highest and most reliable speed on the internet with maximum upload and download speed, are offered by cable and fiber companies only. It is because of their nature, the cable is less prone to get affected by weather changes and still delivers the services same as before. Whereas fiber uses the same methodology but the nature of wires allows it to travel faster and deliver the highest speed of internet.

Fiber internet is the most in-demand type of internet but it is not available in 50% of the country. However, based on serviceability and credible history, we can recommend our readers, silver package spectrum for all the right reasons. Spectrum and Xfinity are the rare cable services providers that cover 90% of the United States and fortunately, as the customer base suggests, the majority of users are satisfied.

As the name suggests, cable services employ a network of wires underground until they reach their destination. Therefore, in this article, we are going to give you some familiarity with TX and RX cables. You might come across TX or RX cables while reading the manual or during installing cable services at your place. So, without further ado, let’s try to grasp what these cables are, and how they are used.

The optical fiber media converter is also known as a fiber converter. This Ethernet media conversion exchanges short-distance twisted pair electric signals with long-distance optical signals. The companies use products instead of cables when the optical fibers must extend the distance of transmission. These are in the access layer applications of MAN (Metropolitan Area Network). It also has the role of connecting fiber-optic lines to MAN and other networks.

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Optical Fiber Media Converter TX and RX

(i) When connecting a fiber media converter to the 100 BASE-TX switches (or hub), you have to be sure the twisted pair cable is less than 100 meters in length. Connect its one end to the Uplink port (RJ-45) of the converter and the other one to the common port (RJ-45).

(ii) The same goes for connecting it to the 100 BASE-TX equipment network card. All you have to do is connect one end of the twisted pair cable with the RJ-45 port of the fiber optic media converter and the second one with the Rj-45 port of the network card.

(iii) After you have made the connections, confirm that the length of the wire is not more than the limit provided by the equipment. Now, you can connect one end of the optical fiber with the SC/ST port of the media converter and the other one with the SC/ST port of the 100 BASE-FX devices. Again you should remember, the only thing to take care of is the distance.

Difference between TX and RX of Fiber Media Converter

Optical Fiber Dielectric Converters TX & RX 2

In the simplest words, TX cable is used for sending information, and RX is for receiving information. You can differentiate them as “R” for “Receiving” to make them identifiable. The optical fiber cable works in the form of pairs, which means sending and receiving merge to form one pair. You have to make sure that the sending and receiving pair must act as only sending. If the connection works for only sending but isn’t receiving the signals, as are a result of this, you might have to face some problems. Look for the lights of the fiber optic converter. If all of them are on, congrats, you did a great job!

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