A Former Spy Offers Cyber Spy Hunting Tips

Eric O’Neill argues that the greatest defence is a solid attack in the article above. For fighting cyber eavesdropping, Eric suggests the following:

Understand where the dangers are coming from and how to deal with them effectively. In the beginning, there were lone criminals operating on their own, pursuing their own particular goals. In Eric’s opinion, those days are passed, and nations have realised the potential advantages of digital warfare and cyber espionage. 

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Identify the driving force. The more you know about the source, the higher your chances of finding out the motivation. A state actor’s motivations for an attack may be very different from those of an independent attacker. In order to get an edge in a competition or disrupt an established system or location, there are many different motives for doing so. In many cases, an attack’s motivation may reveal a great deal about its approach, and vice versa. If you know the technique utilised to infiltrate the target, you’ll have a better idea of the way that will be employed to do so.

You need to think like a hacker in order to succeed. The ability to think like a hacker may speed up the process of catching a hacker. In order to catch thieves, you need to think like a hacker, and this helps you get a better picture of their activities more rapidly. In the immediate aftermath of a breach, but also in the prevention of one, it is critical to put this into effect. With an understanding of how hackers operate, security teams may actively search for their own weaknesses. They’ll also know how to acquire access, and what data they can get their hands on.

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Get a handle on the hacker’s methods. When it comes to fighting back against cybercriminals, knowing what strategies a hacker could use can be an essential asset. The key to success here is regular collection of information. Additionally, Eric advises that you participate in a vocal community that exchanges knowledge openly.

Take charge of your own destiny. When it comes to security, it’s best to take a proactive approach rather than reactive. According to Eric, “the greatest defence is a good attack” holds true in this situation. It is possible to halt attackers in their tracks and prevent breaches at the source by bringing the battle to them. Having a well-trained and well-equipped force is essential in the face of more complex and frequent threats. It’s time to strike back, says Eric. “Think like a terrible person now.”

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