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The best ways to remove mold from wallpaper so it doesn’t reappear.

If black mold appears on the wallpapers or on the walls, the owners should act immediately and turn to mold remediation services Madison to illuminate it. Small dark dots in the corners of the rooms grow very quickly and not only on the walls, but also on the ceilings, and even some things in the apartment are covered with black and green stains.

How to protect wallpaper from mold and how to illuminate it quickly if it appears? Is it possible to just wash the mold from the wallpapers, or will they need to be completely removed? How can mold remediation services Madison help you solve the problem?

Why is mold harmful to human health?

There are several types of mold that can appear in your residential building under certain favorable conditions:

• Green mold is the most common type of mold, and if you know how to properly remove mold from the wallpaper, it will disappear quickly enough.

• Dark green mold is more dangerous, however, it’s easy to remove if you act immediately.

• White mold can spread almost imperceptibly in a short period of time, and it affects the entire apartment. Although this mold looks white, it is very dangerous for a person, and it should be removed very carefully by wearing gloves and a respirator. That’s why you’d turn to the experts like mold remediation services Madison to eliminate this.

• Black mold can cause serious disorders in the immune system of a weakened human body.

It is the most dangerous of all types of mold, it grows quickly and is quite difficult to remove. It will be necessary to process the walls and other affected areas with special chemical mixtures.

If any type of mold on wallpaper, walls, or ceilings affects more than 20% of the entire area, we can talk about mass infection of housing, and it is considered dangerous for people and pets.

Harm from mold to humans is as follows:

• Allergies, headaches, skin problems, conjunctivitis, stomatitis, choking cough.

• Mold spores can easily enter the body and settle on the mucous membranes of the respiratory system. Not only can you contract a chronic runny nose but also severe pulmonary diseases.

• Long-term living in an infected home weakens the immune system, especially in children and elderly residents, so chronic diseases are getting worse.

The reasons why black fungus appears in residential buildings


You will never be able to completely remove mold from the wallpaper if you do not find out its causes and completely localize the source of the spread of fungal spores. There are only two main reasons – dampness and poor ventilation.

How can you get rid of mold in your apartment?

If mold has spread on the wallpaper, the only possible option is to ask professional mold remediation services Madison to remove it with the help of special equipment and cleaning products. Since mold can be absorbed through the skin, it’s forbidden to touch it with bare hands. That’s why work must be carried out with rubber gloves and a good respirator. It’s impossible to get rid of the mold on the wallpaper at once. Therefore, mold remediation services Madison put a protective layer on the walls and used special antiseptics.

As you can see, removing mold from wallpaper is not easy, but it is quite feasible if you entrust the work to professionals.

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