Top Reasons To Switch From Android To iPhone

When buying a new phone, people are stuck with two options. Below, we have highlighted the top reasons to switch from Android to iPhone. 

  • Information Security

There’s no denying that Apple devices are more secure than conventional phones. According to a recent report, around 97% of malware is spotted on smartphones. Android phones usually attract viruses and malware. 

However, since Apple’s app store is flooded with fewer applications, there are fewer chances of malware. On the contrary, Google’s app store is flooded with tons of applications. With most of them being a threat to different phones. Additionally, an un-updated system is a big threat. 

  • Ease of Use

Contrary to popular belief, the iPhone is easier to use. A smartphone can be complete havoc. Especially if it’s a complex brand, it will be hard to ensure ease of use. With the iPhone, all settings are found under a single menu. 

Even if you upgrade your iPhone to the new model,  the operating system will work easily. However, an android phone can be modified in various ways. If you value easy-to-use phones, it’s best to purchase an iPhone. 

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  • Repair and Maintenance are Easier 

iPhone repair services are all over the place. You can easily find them online with a single click. The iPhone repair is the same at every store. On the contrary, it’s hard to find a shop that deals with your brand with tons of smartphones. 

Today, there is an apple store in almost every city. So you can easily find one that fits your needs. Repair and maintenance are cheap. Plus, you can update your phone without the need for a professional intrusion. If you haven’t bought an iPhone, now is the time for you to give it a go. 

  • Get the Best Apps

The developers create the best applications for iPhone users. Most will use Apple’s app store to launch them. It’s one of the hottest platforms for getting the best applications for any phone. However, Google’s app stores are crowded with some of the most useless apps. 

This has been a similar case with more applications. And many apps aren’t released for android iPhones. The app’s store revenue model is also impressive. It compels developers to come up with their best work. 

  • Family Sharing

Apple iPhone is the best choice for children. It offers parental control. It’s a good way for parents to know what their kids are looking for. Apple phones are safe for use since parents can control everything. Plus, Apple’s family sharing makes things easier than ever. 

Up to six family members can share music at the same time. They can also share app purchases and photo albums. They can put up reminders simultaneously without any effort. 

  • iPhone is Valuable

Even after a few years of use, the iPhone will still be valuable in the market. Once the new model is out there, you can replace it with the older one. 

Selling your old model will be highly beneficial.  If you already have an iPhone, it’s time to exchange it for other models. No wonder an iPhone helps you become a better version of yourself.

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