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Database is a bundle of raw data stored in a systematic manner so that it can be helpful to use of designing the system or making the appropriately outputs from the Data. Before the database we stored the data in flat file system in multiple folders, which was always difficult to handle, difficult to update & difficult to manage, size of flat files is always increase, there are multiple copies are created of the flat files, no time stamping is possible on the flat file system.

My assignment help, for resolving these problems engineers made a system which stored the raw data in a systematic manner. Which can be easy to handle, easy to update & easy to manage. This system was known as database system, which could be handle by the language SQL (Structured Query Language).

There are many database systems available in the markets. In which some are popular like

  • Structured Database
  • Un-Structured Database
  • Document Database
  • Graph Database

Structured Database-Structured Database is a bundle of raw data stored in a systematic manner in tabular format. it stored the structure data in the tabular format with using key constraint concept to managing the multiple tables. It uses primary key & foreign key concepts to join multiple tables. It helps in live data accessing of the database. It also known as the relational database management system. There are different types of relational databases like-

  • Microsoft SQL Server
  • IBM DB2
  • Oracle

Un-Structured Database-Un-Structured Database is a bundle of raw data in a non-systematic manner. It stored the unstructured data in unstructured format. it uses indexing with key to identify every data in the database. It does not use primary & foreign key concept to identify the data. It also known as the non-relational database management system assignment help. There are different types of non-relational databases like-

  • MongoDB
  • Apache Cassandra
  • Redis
  • Apache HBase
  • Couchbase

Document Database-Document database is the bundle of raw data in a semi structured format, in which some raw data is stored in structured format and some in unstructured format. this type of databases homework helpis used in short time of data sharing in between multiple systems or applications. It is mostly in data sharing. There are different types of documents databases are used like-

  • HTML
  • XML
  • Email
  • CSV and JSON document
  • EDI (electronic data interchange)
  • RDF (Resource Description framework)

Graph Database- Graph database is a bundle of raw data in a graph format. it is the type of the NoSQL database. It uses graph concept to designing the database. It can also convert the data into multiple formats like tabular, Json. It makes the works with their data points connections. It is basically used in analysing & data mining on data. It is also known as the graph-oriented database management system (DBMS). There are different types of graph databases are available like-

  • Neo4j
  • Data stax Enterprise graph
  • Orient DB
  • Amazon Neptune


MONGODB-MongoDB is as software to store the raw data in the NoSQL format. it is a NoSQL type of database. It the alternative of relational database, it can store large amount of unstructured data. It stores the data in BSON format which stand for Binary encoding Json format which make the key-value pair for the database. it does not create the table format for the data. It makes the key-value pair of data & stored in the document. which stored in a collection. it stores the data in BSON Format which is nothing but the json format. where we store anything like, string, integer, Boolean, double, binary data, object, array. Get the database assignment help at best price. It makes the documents that collection of the documents consists in the collection. Mongodb works on CRUD operations which means it performs

Create operation- MongoDb perform create operation on the data to create a document into the collection & store the data in the mongodb. There is a method to perform this task into the mongodb.

Read Operation- Mongodb perform read operation on the data to read a document from the collection & find the data in the mongodb. For performing this task, we will use read operation method.

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