Sound And Frequency Healing For Mind And Body

Sound healing is the use of sound vibrations to calm your mind and body. They are soothing sounds that instead of disrupting your thoughts, put them together.

They are steady noiseless sounds that the mind, and body as a whole yearn for.

Frequency on the other hand has to do with the harmonizing reoccurrence of an event in a second over a given time.

Putting these 2 definitions into cognizance, Sound and frequency healing for the mind and body is all about submitting yourself to soothing sounds that are transmitted over time and in that process, calms your body and mind while simultaneously healing them of ailments too.

What Are Healing Frequencies?

Healing frequencies like all other frequencies are calculated in Hertz (Hz), which is one cycle per second. In this case, sound per second. Other frequencies exist like a swindling pendulum which requires sight, but our focus is currently on that which works with the sound sense organ- ear.

Healing with frequencies has been in existence for ages, they are proven to calm the body and mind as well as enhance meditation which eventually makes it possible to attract an abundance of peace from within.

Interestingly, this ancient process of healing has been modernized and made accessible through technology and is also user-friendly with no record of side effects.

Healing with frequencies currently revolutionizes traditional medicine practice, through this method, you have no fear of surgery, syringes, struggling to swallow a handful of medicine, or being forced to be bedridden as well as subjected to hospital smell among other painful traditional healing processes.

Healing frequencies are 100% painless, seamless, and are not restricted by time and geographical location. You do not have to book an appointment with a doctor.

All you have to do is release yourself to the frequencies and begin to notice improvements in your health in no time.

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How Can You Get Healing With Frequencies?

The Qi coil is an example of such a frequency device that gives you wholeness without even making contact with you.

Your pets and plants are not left out too! That is to tell you that it is nature-friendly. What is more interesting about a frequency that is harmless to you, your pet, and plants, rather, repairs weak tissues for you, your pets, and plants? That is the amazing work that the healing frequency of the Qi Coil does.

Do Healing Frequencies Work?

The question “Do healing frequencies work?” is a valid one, and there are proofs all over on the results they deliver.

From verified user survey reports of Qi Life Technology related products (which includes the Qi Coil), 96% of users have confirmed that the healing frequencies reduced their pain, 89% said their stamina and strength were increased, 85% had sharpened mental clarity after use, 85% had enhanced energy levels, 78% said their anxiety was reduced, and 74% confirmed that their depression was reduced.

Healing with frequencies has also been proven to painlessly cure ailments like fibromyalgia, Arthritis, migraine, fatigue skeletal pains, amongst others.

As they heal the body, healing with frequencies heals the mind too, from depression to anxiety, to relieving you of stress, they also improve your meditation experience and effect, until an abundance of peace is achieved, all through sound!

The healing frequencies, through the Frequency Specific Microcurrent Therapy (FSMT) process, have been breaking records across the practice of medicine for centuries and are not stopping.

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